How to Clean Induction Cooktop

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Induction cooktops are becoming one of the must-haves in every kitchen. We don’t have to worry about open flames, and stove knobs accidentally left on. It also doesn’t emit indoor pollutants that can cause asthma in children.

This particular type of electric cooktop is efficient and safe for family use. What’s more, its wellness design can boost our kitchen aesthetic!

With its smooth ceramic surface, we can quickly remove stubborn stains and make your cooktop brand new. However, ceramic materials are highly prone to scratches and abrasion. Do you wonder how to clean an induction cooktop? Keep reading to find out!

How to Clean Burnt Induction Cooktop?

Use a plastic scraper and a wet cloth to remove the loose residues on the surface. After that, scrub away the burnt residue with a cleansing cream and a scrubbing pad. You may combine vinegar and baking soda to create a mixture instead of cleansing cream.

If the residue is hard to remove, use a razor scraper specially made for glass. Hold the scraper at a 45-degree angle and gently scrape the stubborn residue.

How to Clean Induction Cooktop Naturally?

Option 1: Vinegar and Baking Soda

In a spray bottle, combine equal parts of white distilled vinegar and water. Shake the bottle thoroughly to mix the two liquids. These two natural ingredients in your kitchen are effective when cleaning and disinfecting various surfaces.

As a quick tip, add a few drops of lemon essential oil to add degreaser.

Sprinkle baking soda over the induction cooktop surface. Make sure to cover all the stains and greases. Spray the mixture over the surface covered with baking soda, and it’ll fizz as an initial reaction.

Once the mixture has stopped fizzing, grab a paper towel and wipe the mixture off of the cooktop.

Option 2: Squeezed Lemon Juice and Dish Soap

Lemon juice contains citric acid that helps to break down stubborn stains. Combine a cup of warm water, ¼ cup of dish soap, and one tbsp of lemon juice in a bowl.

Dip a soft cloth into the mixture and put it over the stained area of the cooktop. Let it sit for 30 minutes. When done, use the damp cloth to wipe down the induction cooktop.

Option 3: Baking Soda, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Dish Soap

Who knew that hydrogen peroxide isn’t only for cuts and scrapes but also for cleaning stoves? Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound that’s naturally effective in removing all types of stains.
Pour a small amount of dish soap onto the induction cooktop. Pour 1 tbsp of hydrogen peroxide into the middle part of the surface. Put enough soap to cover the entire surface, then sprinkle baking soda.

Using a dish scrubber, gently scrub the cooktop until no signs of stains are left. Once you’re satisfied with the scrubbing, wipe the surface using a paper towel.

Option 4: Potato, Vinegar, and Soda

Ok, I know what you’re thinking: Potato as a cleaning element? Yes, that’s right!

Cut the potato into ¼ thick slices, then rub the potato slice in small circles over the stains. If the potato dries out, take a new piece. After that, directly pour vinegar onto the cooktop surface and leave it for five minutes. Wipe the ceramic glass cooktop with a paper towel.

Following this, pour Coca-Cola over the area with stubborn stains, and let it sit for 15 minutes. Wipe away the soda to reveal your stain-free cooktop!

How to Clean Grease Off Induction Cooktop?

Removing grease and oil stains on different surfaces is undeniably challenging. With the right products, however, no stubborn dirt stays.

Option 1: Natural Cleaners

You can use the natural ingredients above, but if nothing works, it’s time to try store-bought degreasers.

Option 2: Store-Bought Degreasers

Care+Protect Professional Ceramic Hob Degreaser

This degreaser claims to be effective in removing dirt, grease, and stains on the ceramic surface of your induction cooktop. It’s easy to use.

Just spray the degreaser directly on the surface, and leave it for a few minutes. After that, rinse the surface out using a wet cloth.

Weiman Complete Cook Top Cleaning Kit

This cleaning kit includes a bottle of cleaning cream, a razor scraper, a cooktop scrubbing pad, and a scrubbing pad handle. All these products are essential for removing grease and grime from your induction cooktop.

Apply a quarter-size amount of the cleaning cream to the surface, then assemble the cleaning tool. Attach the scrubbing pad to the cleaning tool to clean the cooktop surface. When done, remove any residue by using a soft cloth or paper towel.

If there’s a highly stubborn stain, use the scraper at a 45-degree angle and carefully scrape the residue.

Tips to Remember When Cleaning Induction Cooktops

Don’t forget to turn off the stove and let it cool down before cleaning. If you have to clean the surface while it’s hot, use oven gloves and paper towels for wiping. The sponge could melt on the cooktop surface, which would be another problem.

If you use store-bought cleaners, buy products specifically made for cleaning ceramic cooktops. We don’t want to damage the appliance.

Always clean your induction cooktop shortly after the use and once it has cooled down. You have to wipe it right away. Sugary substances can leave permanent stains and damage the cooktop.
When you’re done removing the stains, rinse off the cleanser using a damp cloth. Leaving residue on the surface may cause permanent stains.

Lastly, dry the cooktop once you’re finished cleaning.

Wrapping Up

How to clean induction cooktop? No matter how dirty and greasy your cooktop is, we have many ways to clean its surface. It’s best to use natural ingredients for cleaning, but if there are highly stubborn residues, opt for store-bought degreasers.

Knowing the right products and cleaning methods will quickly get the job done. Cleaning the induction cooktop after each use will keep your kitchen appliance looking new.

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