Stove Cleaning Hacks That Work

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If you like to cook, you know it can make all kinds of mess in your kitchen. It is especially true when it comes to cooking tools and utensils. That’s why, even if you’re not a professional cook, you’ve probably had experience with stubborn cooking stains that cling to your stovetop and burners. The great news is that this article will provide you with tried and tested stove cleaning hacks that work! After reading these tips, you won’t have to worry about dirty stovetops anymore! Let’s get started.

How To Clean a Stove?

For most of us, cleaning our stovetops isn’t something we look forward to. All those food stains and splotches that have found their way on top of your stove are usually tougher to clean than they look. It is why we’ve compiled a list of hacks to clean your kitchen stove, starting with the easiest and most effective.

Hot Water

It turns out plain old hot water can do the trick if nothing else is available. Hot water can break down and soften most of the caked-in substances on your stove.
Here are the steps to cleaning your stove using hot water:

  1. First, boil a sufficient amount of water.
  2. Second, place your stove where you can safely pour hot water.
  3. Third, slowly pour the boiling water into the dirt spots.
  4. After pouring, let it cool for a few minutes.
  5. Finally, wipe the stove thoroughly.

Baking Soda & Dish Soap

Baking soda is an ingredient we commonly use in baking. However, baking soda is excellent at dissolving dirty compounds like grease and grime because of its properties. On the other hand, it also acts as a safe abrasive for cleaning metal and glass surfaces. So, if you have a packet of baking soda in your cabinets, it’s time to put it to good use. It is for you if you’re looking for electric stovetop cleaning hacks.
Here are the steps to cleaning your electric stove using baking soda and dish soap:

  1. Begin by mixing an equal amount of baking soda and dish soap in a container.
  2. Follow the mixture until you get a foamy paste.
  3. Next, remove your stove’s coils and drip pans.
  4. Apply the mixture to the surface or stove part you want to clean.
  5. Allow the surface or stove part to sit for a few minutes.
  6. After sitting, scrub thoroughly with a sponge.
  7. Lastly, clean up with a wet towel or rinse.

Vinegar & Baking Soda

If we’re talking about hacks to clean stovetops, vinegar and baking soda are among the best. This duo can clean any surface, metal, glass, or tile. When baking soda is mixed with vinegar, a reaction happens that releases carbon dioxide. This bubbly concoction makes lifting dirt and grime a piece of cake.

Here are the steps to follow in cleaning stoves using vinegar and baking soda:

  1. Start by placing a vinegar-soaked towel or cloth over the dirty area.
  2. After soaking, scrub the surface with a dish scrubber.
  3. Mix a moderate amount of baking soda in another container with vinegar.
  4. Stir the mixture until it forms a paste.
  5. Apply the paste mixture on the surface.
  6. Follow that by scrubbing with a dish towel thoroughly.
  7. Afterward, wipe the area properly.

Lemon & Baking Soda

Lemons have a high citric acid content, low pH, and antibacterial qualities. It makes them one of the most effective natural stain cleaners out there. They can also reduce the smell and odors from your kitchen, giving us a newfound appreciation for these citrus fruits. Below are the steps to using lemons in this hack to clean your stovetop:

  1. Begin by cutting up the lemons into halves.
  2. Next, directly rub the lemons on your stove’s stains and dirt spots.
  3. Put some baking soda in the place where you rubbed the lemon.
  4. Thoroughly scrub the baking soda around.
  5. Lastly, get a wet cloth and wipe until clean.

Hydrogen Peroxide

You may have heard of hydrogen peroxide as a way to clean stains on clothes. Therefore, it may not be a surprise to know that it can be used to clean your grimy stoves. Even better is that hydrogen peroxide is classified by the CDC as a disinfectant, killing yeast, bacteria, viruses, and fungi on surfaces. Hence, you can appreciate the merit of using this household chemical to deep clean your stove. Follow these steps for this stove cleaning hack using hydrogen peroxide:

  1. Slowly pour hydrogen peroxide into a container with baking soda.
  2. Mix until you get a watery paste.
  3. Follow by applying your paste on the stained areas.
  4. Let it sit for 5–30 minutes, depending on how heavy the stains are.
  5. Wipe the area with a clean towel or a dish scrub.


Ammonia may be the last on our list, but it’s certainly not the least. Ammonium hydroxide, or household ammonia, is well-known as a cleaning agent in commercial, domestic, and industrial cleaning products. As such, it’s potent enough to break down tough baked-in grime on your stove. Read the following steps to get the best stove-cleaning results using ammonia in this stovetop cleaning hack: Always use gloves when dealing with ammonia.

  1. Start by mixing two cups of water with one tablespoon of ammonia in a spray bottle.
  2. Spray it on the grimy surface and immediately wipe it off with a cloth or towel.
  3. Repeat the process until the entire area is covered and cleaned.
  4. If you’re cleaning a stove burner or grate, place them inside a sealed plastic bag and spray a generous amount of the mixture.
  5. Seal the plastic bag and let it sit overnight.
  6. Finally, wipe or rinse the grate or burner.


There you have it! These are the best stove cleaning hacks that work with some of the essential tools and materials you have at home. Cooking and cleaning up after might be two different challenges of their own, but these stove cleaning hacks will help lighten your load and make stovetop cleaning a breeze!

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