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Never Mix These Cleaning Products

Reading Time: 5 minutes Most of the time, when we’re cleaning our house, we use whatever cleaning products we have. We also think that mixing the products will speed up the cleaning process. However, there’s no proven explanation that mixing products do help. When mixing cleaning products, sometimes it does more harm than good. …

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What Cleaning Products Have Ammonia?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Not all cleaning products have ammonia, but most commercial ones do. Ammonia is quite efficient with lifting off grime from various surfaces. At the same time, ammonia needs to be handled with care because it can also be dangerous when used too much or incorrectly. Regarding your cleaning products, you’re …

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How to Dispose of Cleaning Products

Reading Time: 3 minutes Cleaning products’ safe disposal is one thing we must consider if we have some old and unused cleaning products lying in the corner. Most of us don’t dispose of cleaning products as we tend to use them entirely. However, if you are looking for ideas for cleaning products’ safe disposal, …

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