How To Remove Coffee Stain From Carpet

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Your cup of coffee gives you a kickstart for the day. However, no matter how careful you are, there will be those inevitable coffee spills. So what if your favorite drink landed on your precious carpet? A coffee stain on a carpet, regardless of size, is noticeable and looks dirty, right? It’s not good to see on a light-colored or white carpet.

Don’t let it ruin your day! We’ve gathered some effective ways how to remove coffee stains from your carpet. Check out these simple yet effective home solutions for you. You’ll be surprised that you only need things you are likely to have at home.

Are Coffee Stains Permanent?

Coffee stains on your carpet are awful, but the good news is they aren’t permanent. You can always get rid of those stubborn stains with our list of home remedies. The best technique is to deal with the problem right away. It will save you time and effort. Act before coffee pigments succeed in setting in.

How To Remove Coffee Stain From Your Carpet

The first thing that you must consider when coffee spills happen is to act quickly as you can. A dried stain would mean a lot of work for you. Consider the following ways to remove coffee stains from your carpet:

Cold Water

Grab cold water and a small towel. Damp the towel and gently squeeze the stained area. Use another towel to blot it dry and continue rinsing with cold water. As soon as the stain is out, leave your carpet to dry.


Water mixed with white vinegar is a perfect duo. Remember that the vinegar smell might linger on the carpet, so you must rinse using a carpet cleaner. Dip a towel, gently clean the stained area and watch it slowly fade. However, vinegar remains one of the best household cleaning products!

Shaving Cream

Yes, shaving cream can remove coffee stains. It has cleansing and surface-active agents that can ease the removal of stains on the carpet surface. Gently rub the shaving cream on the stained area and rinse it with water. This cleaning solution is impressive!

Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the most effective household essentials to remove coffee stains—mix baking soda with either water or liquid laundry detergent. Combine and make a paste solution. As you gently scrub the spot, the stain will quickly disappear. Wrap it up by rinsing it with cold water, and you’ll see the best results. Another way to use baking soda is to sprinkle it over the stained area. Leave it to dry, then vacuum up the residues.


Do you wonder how toothpaste can get rid of coffee stains? It contains ingredients that soften stains. It also minimizes surface discoloration. Make sure you are using white toothpaste, though. With a used toothbrush, apply the toothpaste to the area. Scrub it gently and repeat the process. Finally, rinse it thoroughly with water.


Your household soap or laundry detergent is one of the most used coffee stain removers in most homes. Mix soap with water and apply a small amount to the spot. Rub gently, and let it stay for an hour. Blot with a towel to dry the washed area. Check often so it doesn’t dry up to ensure an effective outcome.


If you want a unique solution, try rubbing a little amount of beer on the stained area of your carpet. Rinse with water to check the result. If you cannot stand the smell of the beer, rinse with water and soap.

Stain Removal Products

When all else fails, purchase a stain removal product. Stain removers are widely used in cleaning stained carpets. Stain removers work by loosening the stains from the carpet fiber quickly. It’s wise to use them before calling professional carpet cleaners, which will cost you more.

Can You Still Remove Old Coffee Stains on Carpet?

An old coffee stain that has already sat on your carpet for days may seem impossible to wipe away. These stains are tougher to remove but not impossible. Unfortunately, stains left untreated for days are among the most common causes of carpet damage. Homemade remedies help, but cleaning solvents are the easiest way to treat old coffee stains.

Follow this step-by-step procedure to clean old stains using cleaning solvents.

  • Pour a small amount of warm water to loosen the dried coffee.
  • Soak up a towel on the solvent.
  • Sponge through the edges of the stain.
  • Move slowly to the center of the spot.
  • Rinse the area with clean water.
  • Repeat the process until you see good results.
  • Let the carpet dry on its own.

Other Useful Tips

Don’t rub too much. Not all carpets are the same; some can easily damage with aggressive cleaning. Be patient in dealing with a coffee stain. Rubbing your carpet too much will result in further damage. It will cost you more when you might need a replacement. Press down. The technique is to press down the moistened towel on a fresh coffee stain. Water is enough to clean a new coffee spill. The method is to squeeze gently.

Test first. Before applying a solvent or cleaning solution, test the liquid on the carpet’s sensitive parts, like those near the furniture. Wait for the result and surface reaction to avoid fabric damage.

Wrap Up

Clumsiness and coffee mishaps are unavoidable. The next time your coffee splatters on your carpet, there’s no need to get upset. Coffee stains aren’t permanent problems. The quicker you act, the bigger your chance of eliminating the stain.

Now that you know how to remove coffee stains from your carpet, you’ll finish the task in no time. You can remove the coffee stain with simple cleaning solutions using everyday products at home like it’s never been there. Pick your cleaning choice, and yes, it won’t take long to get back the beauty of your carpet.

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