How to Clean Laminate Floor Properly

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So you’ve decided to install laminate flooring instead of wood flooring because you want to save money without sacrificing the overall look of your house. After that no-sweat installation of your flooring, the question you should ask next is how to clean laminate floors properly to keep them as durable and attractive as ever.

One way of doing that is to ensure they’re always spotless. If you’re at a loss on how to clean laminate floors properly, fret no more because this article will help you do just that.

How to Clean Laminate Floors Properly

If you think cleaning laminate is the same as cleaning wooden floors, that’s not the case. You may not notice any difference between laminate and hardwood flooring because they look alike.

But since the materials are entirely different, it should go without saying that the former would require a different maintenance method. Before you get your cleaning materials and start mopping your laminate flooring, read the tips below to ensure you’re doing the right thing.

1. Use a Dry Mop

Instead of using harsh cleaning products, it is advisable to use a dry microfiber cloth or mop to clean your floors and keep them shiny. Dry mopping is better than just a broom because it’s more effective at gathering dirt, dust, and debris.

On top of that, dry mopping is more convenient than wet mopping, which will only spread the dusty and sandy particles around the floor.

You may check out the MR. SIGA Professional Microfiber Mop. Its enduring plastic, sturdy, adjustable, and easy-to-grip stainless steel handle will make cleaning easier.

One word of caution: avoid steaming your mop because the heat may cause your laminate floors to warp. Laminate is generally delicate, so it’s better to double-check every step before you do it.

2. Vacuum Your Floors

How often should you clean? Because dust, dander, and dirt can get trapped in floor cracks, you should vacuum your floors and mop them. A daily session is a must if you have pets or live in a sandy or dusty area. Otherwise, a weekly vacuum cleaning is enough, or twice a week if you have a lot of shiny surfaces.

3. Dry up Spills Immediately

Liquids can easily seep into your laminate floors and damage them. So, every time you spill water, soft drinks, soy sauce, or any other liquid substance on your laminate floors, dry mop your floors immediately.

In the long run, this will help you keep your floors’ quality intact, and you won’t have to carry out extensive cleaning sessions. Plus, it’s safer to clean liquids once spilled to prevent falling accidents.

The Don’ts of Cleaning Laminate Floors

Here’s what you should avoid when cleaning your laminate floors.

1. Avoid Using Abrasive Cleaning Tools

It would be best to never use potent cleaning agents like steel wool, sandpaper, and scouring pads on laminate floors because they can scratch the finish and eventually dull it.

2. Never Use Floor Wax or Polish

Well, floor wax or polish may be best used on wooden floors but not on laminate floors. Unfortunately, if you use floor wax or polish on the laminate floor in the mistaken belief that it will keep it shiny, you’ll do more harm than good.

You can always find some laminate-specific cleaners to keep your floors shiny. As long as you avoid abrasive cleaners, you’ll be fine.

3. Avoid Using the Wrong Product

Keep in mind that applying the wrong product could damage your floors. Always check the product label of your cleaning solution to ensure it suits your laminate floors. Some products are specifically labeled as non-suitable for laminate floors.

4. Refrain from Using too Much Water

Using too much water will harm your laminate flooring and may cause irreversible damage. It may trickle into the seams, eventually leading to floor bubbling.

So, make sure you avoid wet mopping and spilling water on the floor while cleaning it.

Make Your Cleaning Solution

If you’re budget-conscious, you can also make your own cleaner. You must mix equal amounts of vinegar, alcohol, and water (5 oz. each) in a spray container, and voila, you have your DIY cleaner!

Like any other cleaning solution, you should not use your DIY item directly on your floors as the excess liquid may seep into the seams, which may cause them to bubble and get ruined.


This article mainly focused on how to clean laminate floors properly. Following the tips above will help you keep your laminate floors not only spick and span but also long-lasting, thereby giving you that extra time that would otherwise go to the repair of your laminates or renovating your floors.

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