How To Clean iPad Screen Safely

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Do you want a squeaky-clean iPad screen that makes it look like a brand-new item? Then this guide is for you! Besides dusty screens, which are indeed not attractive, leaving your iPad’s screen without cleaning serves as an invitation for bacteria to grow on the surface.

It’s important to know that everything you pick up will always end up on your phone as soon as you hold it. The University of Arizona says mobile devices carry bacteria 10 times worse than toilet seats.

These bacteria may be considered harmless, but too many can cause skin and health problems if not removed. Now, it’s time to learn how to clean the iPad screen safely; here are all the steps you need.

What to Use to Clean Your iPad Screen

Cleaning without suitable materials can cause irreparable damage, ranging from too much moisture to port clogs, so make sure not to use any random cleaner for your screen. According to certain rumors circling Tik Tok, Apple stores use Whoosh! as the cleaning solution for their devices.

They use it because it’s completely free of harsh chemicals and ammonia that can harm the gadget. When in doubt, you can use it alongside a microfiber cloth, and you’re good to go! But what if you also have other options that are either more affordable or more accessible in your homes?

Let’s see how you can clean your iPad screen at home with easily accessible items.

How To Clean iPad Screen At Home

Although iPads have an oleophobic coating on their screens that prevents oil residues from penetrating, they still end up covered in grime, mainly if you use your device outdoors. Unfortunately, dirt isn’t always easy to get rid of.

The first thing you should do is put protective tape on the vulnerable spots on your iPad. These include buttons and ports. Next, follow these steps:

Unplug All the External Devices Connected to Your iPad and Turn It Off

If you have a charger, a USB driver, or a cable connected to your iPad, remove it. Then, turn the iPad off. Make sure not to skip this step, especially when using liquid chemicals to clean your screen.

Use a Microfiber Cloth to Wipe the Screen

  • The first thing you’ll notice is how many fingertip prints are on the screen of your iPad. Here’s how to clean your iPad screen from your fingertips:
  • Don’t use rough napkins or paper towels when cleaning your screen; this might cause a scratch you’re avoiding the most. Paper towels may not cause scratches, but they won’t clean the screen efficiently.
  • Use a microfiber cloth instead. It’s made of soft, non-abrasive fibers that move gently on the screen as if tickling the surface. Microfiber also picks up the specks of dirt that are hard to remove otherwise.
  • Besides finger marks, some stains are hard to wipe in one go. In this case, you’ll have to dampen the cloth and gently wipe the screen. It’s better than dry wiping, which may cause micro scratches if tiny bits of dust are on the screen.
  • There are a couple of things to keep in mind here. For one, the cloth should only be mildly damp, not close to wet. Most iPads are waterproof, but you don’t want to take any chances.
  • In addition to that, you’ll want to avoid pressing down on the screen harshly while cleaning it. iPad screens are already pretty smooth; you only have to wipe them gently, and they’ll regain their smooth surface.

Now that you know how to clean an iPad screen without scratching it, let’s move on to cleaning it from grease.

How to Clean iPad from Grease

The screen is probably a bit greasy if you tend to eat while watching a Netflix series on your iPad. The same goes if you don’t clean it regularly; the grease may come from your skin’s natural oils.
When that occurs, and it’s hard to remove that specific greasy spot, avoid using a harsh chemical to combat that fellow.

Don’t use your device’s window cleaner liquids, acetones, bleaches, or hand sanitizers. Only a few are qualified for safe cleaning, and Apple recommends against them. Here’s what to do instead:

Choose the Right Cleaner

According to Apple support documentation, using 70% isopropyl alcohol or 75% ethyl alcohol and Clorox disinfecting wipes is enough when cleaning your device’s screen. They warn against using hydrogen peroxide, so make sure any detergent you use is free.

However, it would help if you made sure that these damp materials are only used on non-porous surfaces; keep an eye out to prevent the moisture from seeping into the ports.

Clean the Screen

Now, it’s time to clean the iPad’s screen. It’s worth noting that if your iPad has a screen protector, you’ll want to pay attention to the edges. These are the areas where the protector sticks to the screen, and they typically collect dust and dirt.

Now, to wipe the screen, don’t spray the cleaning solution directly on it. It’s better to spray it on a lint-free or microfiber cloth and wipe gently with it. That way, you’ll prevent streaks.
Remove the protective tape you put earlier when cleaning your iPad screen.

Final Thoughts

It‘s essential to clean your iPad screen not just to keep the brand-new-looking mark on the device but to lower the chances of bacteria building up on your screen and making it look permanently dirty. And, of course, to keep your skin safe from mold and similar contaminants.

Remember to use microfiber clothes only; stay clear of abrasive materials and paper towels. The dirt particles won’t cause scratches as you wipe the screen. And, if your iPad has been in storage for a long time, it’d be better to blow some air on it first to loosen the dirt.

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