13 Surprising Household Uses of Shaving Cream Beyond the Beard

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I was already in my mid-twenties when I started using shaving cream. I never thought it would make such a big difference when I slathered some on my face to shave the tiny tufts of hair.

Little did I know that this cream isn’t only useful for shaving and a lifesaver around the house!

I now keep a can or two of shaving cream for cleaning, polishing silverware, and camping trips!

Here are 13 surprisingly handy household uses for this affordable everyday product.

1. Cleans Stainless Steel

We’ve all heard about toothpaste as metal polish, but shaving cream also does a fantastic job of cleaning stainless steel.

Coat the item you want to clean with shaving foam and wipe it off.

The same method works on appliances, sinks, and kitchenware as long as they’re made of stainless steel.

You’ll be happy to see a clean and shiny surface when you’re done.

2. Removes Stains from Carpets and Suede Upholstery

Unsightly stains on your carpet can be easily wiped away with a bit of shaving cream.

Just work the foam into the stained area and leave it there for a short while. After 10 minutes, use a damp cloth to wipe away the remaining foam.

You can let the foam completely dry for the rest of the day and vacuum the dried residue the following morning. Your carpet should look as good as new.

For stains on suede, make sure that you’re using cream and not its gel counterpart. Unlike shaving cream, gels are not bubbly and can seep into the leather.

This time, leave the foam for 20 minutes after covering the stain. Wipe the foam off with a clean damp cloth. Remember to use a water suction vacuum to remove the remaining moisture.

Additionally, remember to air-dry the upholstery if the surface still feels wet.

You can also try this on your suede shoes.

3. Gets Rid of Sticky Residue and Grime

For a good floor cleaning hack, use your trusty can of shaving cream to remove sticky marks on different types of flooring.

Old stickers or adhesives can leave an annoying mark on your floors or furniture. These may damage the finish of some surfaces if left for too long.

To get rid of the residue, you need to cover the sticky area with foam and let it sit. After a minute, rub or scrape it off and use a rag with a mild cleaner to wipe it down completely.

You’ll be glad your can of shaving cream can solve this sticky situation!

4. Removes Grime in Grout

You’ll need a little help from lemons for stubborn grime on grout. Shaving cream mixed with lemon juice will do wonders for that grime.

Add three tablespoons of lemon juice for every cup of shaving foam. Apply the mixture evenly to the grout and let it stay for a few minutes. Use a toothbrush to scrub the foam, and your grout will be grime-free.

5. Prevent Your Mirrors from Fogging

Shaving cream can prevent fogging on your bathroom mirrors and shower doors like magic.

All you need is to wipe the surface with a good load of shaving cream. When it dries, the glass surface will have a clear fog-resistant layer.

The good part is that you don’t have to do this frequently. The glass remains fog resistant for about three weeks.

6. Prevents Eyewear from Fogging

The anti-fogging effect that shaving cream has also works on eyewear. You know how frustrating it gets when fog builds up on your glasses as you step in from the cold. You can avoid this by using the ever-reliable can of shaving cream.

Putting a layer of shaving cream on both sides of the lenses and wiping them clean will help stop fogging.

7. Silences Squeaky Hinges

Squeaky hinges are irritating and can give an eerie feel to a house.

You can always silence the squeaking with shaving cream if you have an extra can lying around.

Cover the hinge with a generous amount of cream and work it into the spaces. Make sure that you get all the spaces lubricated. Wipe off any excess once you’re done, and enjoy the quiet!

8. Polishes Jewelry

Jewelry can lose its sparkle when worn over time. Oils and skin care products build up and make any jewelry look dull.

Bring back the shiny shimmering splendor of your precious trinkets with your good ol’ shaving cream.

Put good amount of foam on the items you want to polish using your fingers. Leave the jewelry covered with foam for a good 20 to 30 minutes. Then, with an old toothbrush, scrub all the areas of the piece to ensure they’re cleaned up.

After scrubbing, rinse the jewelry in a bowl of clean water and wipe it down with a soft and non-abrasive cloth.

9. Can be Used as a Hand Soap Replacement

When we’re done cleaning chores or paint jobs, our hands are usually a bit messy. Fret not; it’s nothing a good amount of shaving cream can’t fix.

Rub some shaving cream on the dirt or paint on your hands and watch it work its wonders. Rinse in running water, and you’ll be ready to reach out and touch anything.

10. Serves as an Emergency Mousse Substitute

There are rare times when we run out of our favorite hair products just when we need them.

You don’t need to worry when your hair needs a little zhuzh and you only have your trusty shaving cream. Whip some of the reliable foam on your hand and style your hair the same as you would with your styling mousse.

You’ll look spectacular in no time, and your hair will smell good too.

11. Makes a Handy Camping Companion

While shaving cream has amazing uses at home, this multi-tasking product is also handy for outdoor activities.

A small amount of shaving cream can be used to clean your hands after exploring the dirty and sappy stuff along the trail. You can also spray a bit on your clothes to remove stains when necessary. And after having a good meal by the fire, you can use a little more to clean your dishes.

A can of shaving cream makes camping a dream!

12. Soothes Sunburn

Let’s say you had fun outdoors and stayed too long under the sun. You’re sure to have a nasty sunburn.

Rub some shaving cream on the affected area for a quick and soothing remedy. The ingredients in shaving cream will help cool the burn and relieve the swelling.

13. Can be Used in Kids’ Activities

Let’s not leave out a great hack for the kids on this list.

A couple of drops of food color mixed with a hefty amount of shaving cream can make a colorful foam. You can use this colored foam in fun and creative activities. You can also make painted eggs on Easter during the season.

Either way, your children will have a blast using the foamy paints on your sliding doors, windows, or any slippery surface.

And while they’re having a good time, you can also sit back and enjoy it!

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